Best Exercises for Fat loss

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Best Exercises For Fat Loss
Last Updated: September 29, 2023

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Hello you beauty and welcome back!

In this article, we’re going to discuss the best exercises for fat loss that you can perform at any stage of your fitness journey. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or expert because these exercises will work out most of the muscles in your body and have you metabolising fat in no time.


Push-ups are a good exercise for the upper body for building strength using your body weight. Perfect form push-ups work out your trapezius, deltoids, triceps and your abs. The good thing about push-ups is that you can perform anywhere on a smooth/flat open space.

There are many variations for push-ups but in this article will discuss the knee push-ups and the standard push-ups. The knee push-ups are suitable for total beginners as it has a smaller range of motion compared to the standard push-ups.

Performing knee push-ups.

  1. Find a smooth surface or get an exercise mat. Get down to your knees.
  2. Facedown towards the floor with your palms open in parallel and shoulder-length apart.
  3. Once in the position, lower your chest as close to the floor keeping your back straight using your knees as leverage. You may cross your legs to lock in your positioning.
  4. Complete the push-up by pushing away from the floor back to position.
  5. Having trouble? The difficulty is adjusted by widening or narrowing the distance between your palms. Keeping your elbows towards your body rather than apart while lowering yourself increases the difficulty.
  6. Note the maximum width between your palms should be an arm’s length or you’ll be putting more stress on your shoulders instead of your triceps.
  7. Do 8 repetitions and 3 sets with 1-minute rest in between.

Performing standard push-ups.

The standard push-up is similar to the knee push-up except its using the balls of your feet as leverage. Once you perform the knee-push ups like a pro its time to move up to this variation.

Go through steps 1 to 5, use the balls of your feet on step 3.

Leg Lunges

Leg lunges are one of the best exercises to perform for beginners to expert alike in any open space.

This type of exercise works out the hips, glutes, quads and hamstrings which are the largest muscle groups in your body.

I find many guys skipping out on this exercise and I find a shame because:

  1. There is no reason for you not to perform this exercise on a weekly basis.
  2. It works on the biggest muscle group in your body. You will get a testosterone boost.
  3. You look absolutely hilarious with a big chest, arms and shoulders but pencil-like legs.
  4. The more strength your lower body has the more resistant you are to injury from intense cardio or heavy lifting.
  5. You will burn more fat!

For the ladies, the above reasons apply and even though you don’t think you need testosterone boost you will likely keep a balanced amount in your body. Plus, as I have explained in previous articles you’re releasing your catecholamines to metabolise fat. You’re working on your glutes which is the body part of beauty. Which of you wouldn’t like the look of sexy legs and a firm butt? I’m sure you do.

For those who’re starting out the best lunge to work on is the reverse lunge. 

Performing the reverse lunge

  1. First stand facing forwards, make sure your legs are parallel to each other.
  2. Take a large step backwards with your left foot, place your hands at your hips for stability.
  3. Bend your right knee until its 90 degrees and lower your left knee till it is 1 – 2 inches above the floor.
  4. Alternate the move for the right leg.
  5. Do 8 repetitions and 3 sets with 1-minute rest in between.

Once you can do reverse lunges with your bodyweight like a pro after a few weeks grab a pair of dumbells for higher intensity. Make sure your arms are fully stretched and dumbells are aligned next to your thighs. Repeat from step 1 – 5. Try not to swing the dumbells.

Barbell Squats

One of my other favourite exercises for fat loss and muscle building is the barbell squat. This exercise will work out the upper section of your legs. It may look intimidating for beginners but once you master this workout your gym performance and fat loss will increase significantly. For this exercise, it’s best to use the barbell without any weights when you’re starting out.

Performing the barbell squat

  1. Position yourself within the squat rack/cage. Make sure you have the safety bars placed just above knee level if you’re in the cage. Adjust the holders and place the barbell just around your shoulder level.
  2. Move under the bar and lift up using your shoulders. Make sure the bar sits squarely on your shoulders and your back. Lock it in by grabbing the bar with your hands.
  3. Take a step back from the bar holders and stand with your feet parallel and pointing outward (you can point your feet straight if that feels comfortable).
  4. Make sure your feet are shoulder-length apart.
  5. Lower yourself by bending your knees to a 90-degree angle by keeping your back straight. Complete the exercise by pushing your thighs up back to a standing position.  You can increase the difficulty by lowering yourself all the way down to 45 degrees.
  6. Continue with 8 repetitions with 3 sets with 1-minute rest between sets.

Again I find it sad to see many gym participants skipping out on this compound exercise. Why would you skip it if your goal is fat loss and building strength in a short amount of time?

Do squats!

Barbell Bench press

The barbell bench press is good for upper body strength building for the chest muscles – the pectoralis major, your deltoids and your triceps. Like the squat is good to start with the barbell, you can add more weight once you’re able to perform the exercise with good form.

Performing the barbell bench press

  1. Position yourself under the barbell of the straight bench press rack.
  2. Make sure the middle of your chest is aligned with the barbell.
  3. Grab the barbell with your hands securely a palm apart from the barbell’s smooth centre.
  4. Lift the barbell from its holders and lower it as much as possible towards your chest.
  5. Complete the exercise by extending your arms out.
  6. Continue on with 8 repetitions, 3 sets with 1-minute rest between sets.


The deadlift is the most intimidating-looking exercise and for many good reasons. If done right it works out your lower back muscles, your deltoids, your trapezius, your biceps, your thighs, your glutes and your abs.

Read this Romanian Deadlift vs Deadlift [Comprehensive Guide]

Amazing isn’t it ya reckon? I reckon!

Now there are many variations of the deadlift. The 3 most popular ones are the Sumo deadlift, the Romanian deadlift and the conventional deadlift.

We are going to discuss the 3 variations and the advantages between them. It best starting off with Olympic 5kg or the 25lbs bumper plate when starting this exercise.

Why do I say so?

Olympic bumper plates have a good length circumference so you are able to align your back to the appropriate angle.

Any other weight other than the bumper plate has a shorter circumference that will promote bad positioning.

Performing the conventional deadlift

  1. Make sure the bar with weights is flat on the ground at the specified area of the gym in front of a mirror. Add the bumper plates to the barbell of your choosing
  2. Position yourself next to the bar’s middle, feet facing forwards and shoulder-width apart.
  3. Bent your knees and lean forward at a 45-degree angle. Grab the bar with your right-hand curling under and your left hand placed firmly on top.
  4. Make sure your hands are positioned just over your legs. Steps 2- 4 are important! Improper form can result in you in dropping the weight or worse injury.
  5. Once you finished proper positioning, lift the barbell by standing straight and sticking your butt out.
  6. Keep your shoulders and your back straight all the way up. Do not hunch or round your back.
  7. Continue on with 8 repetitions, 3 sets with 1-minute rest between sets.

Performing the Romanian deadlift

  1. The Romanian deadlift follows the first step to the conventional deadlift at its starting point.
  2. Lower yourself to a 90-degree angle after grabbing the barbell. Push forward with your glutes back to a standing position.
  3. Complete the workout with 8 repetitions and 3 sets.

The Romanian deadlift will work your lower back and glutes more than any other variation because of the angle of motion.

Performing the sumo deadlift

  1. The sumo deadlift is executed with a wider leg stance and narrower bar grip.
  2. The leaning angle position is the same as that of the conventional deadlift.
  3. When performing the lift keep your shoulders and back straight when coming to a stand.
  4. Complete the workout with 8 repetitions and 3 sets.

With 3 deadlift variations to choose from which one should I use?

It depends on your body type, lower body strength and fitness goals. If you are tall and have longer legs or have a weak back the sumo will be more suitable. Short bodies or strong quads will be better off with the conventional deadlift.

If you want to work on your lower back and the glutes you should do the Romanian deadlifts.

So the best thing you can do is train on each for a few months and stick to the one that feels natural.

These are the best exercises you can perform for fat loss on a weekly basis at any level of your fitness stage.

Note: Even though all these exercises can make you burn nearly 487 cal / 2038kJ depending on weight, intensity and time spent in the gym, eating the wrong foods will set you back to square one. i.e. eating a chocolate chip cookie or a doughnut a workout isn’t going to help your fat loss goals.


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