10 Commandments for losing fat

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10 Commandments For Losing Fat
Last Updated: September 29, 2023

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10) Thou shall not consume insulin-spiking foods made of sugar and grains.

In earlier articles that I wrote, I have explained insulin is the inhibitor for lipolysis (fat burning). Consuming foods made of grains and sugar will stall your fat loss progress pushing you further from your fitness goals.

Don’t take the “gluten-free” label as a green pass either. The modern milling process that is quick and efficient has made our grain foods lack nutrients. The purifier from modern milling removes most of the bran the germ and the endosperm. It goes through the system many times stripping its nutrients.[1]

Ages past our ancestors used to grind ancient grains through stone milling for millennia. The process of milling back then involves crushing the entire grain. This would include the right amount of fats, amino acids and vitamins that are vital to our health.

These ancient grains have low contents of gluten and higher amounts of protein. The baking process was different back then as the grains were fermented for a month or more before consumption.

Today the commercial process for fermentation takes 3 to 5 days. This isn’t long enough for the microbes to break down the gluten and phytates present in grains.[2]

Modern farming didn’t help improve the quality of the grains either. They are likely bred for increased size, gluten content, starchiness and easier threshing.

These agricultural changes took a few hundred years. It is too short for our digestive evolution which has gone for more than a millennium to keep up. With low nutrients and the genetic strains altered in grains, it isn’t surprising we are falling sick from consuming grain-based foods.[3]

So cookies, doughnuts, pasta, noodles, pastries, jams and even the grains themselves are out of your meal plan list.

Big, quick, efficient and cutting corners. Now you know why grains are cheap compared to other whole foods.

9) Thou shall clean thy environment from processed foods and fill it with nutritious foods lest thou shall fall to outside temptations.


In the beginning, you would succumb to cravings while you’re out of your home. Cleaning up your fridge and larder from processed food is changing the way you eat. Preventing you from grabbing that sugar-laced high-carb snack and putting it in your mouth while you’re at home.

You will likely grab a healthier choice of foods i.e. nuts or vegetables thus keeping yourself from doing more damage in your fat loss efforts.

Please refer to the things I have crossed out from the Standard Diet Guide on foods that you should not store in your home.

Note: If you are having trouble I suggest clearing out the sugary foods and candy would be a good start. Keep 2 of your favourites, then clear out the grains. Then move on to the processed meats. Make sure you make adjustments every 3 months and buy more nutritious whole foods. Again it all depends on your willpower and lifestyle. You can be stoked and get it all done if your will is strong.

8) The devil is in the cereal, ye shall be cursed if consumed.

Kellog’s invention, as a hidden anaphrodisiac is true to a certain extent if they’re obese/diabetic. The symptoms they suffer would be lethargy, lack of libido, and heavy breathing due to low testosterone levels and imbalanced hormones.

Consuming the high sugary and fibrous substance in cereals promotes the growth of harmful bacteria. The fermentation of gluten causes gas and bloating – giving you a tummy ache.

By late morning, your brain feels fuzzy and you may experience drowsiness due to your body trying to process the sugar, fructose(fruit) and lactose(milk).

It is a cursed food indeed.


7) Thou shall fast and use thine weapons of coffee, tea and sugar-free gum to do battle against demons of thine hunger.

When going through a fasted state you can expect hunger pangs to come knocking at your door. This is your body’s reaction from the constant snacking you had previously conditioned it to do.

Black coffee, tea and sugar-free gum are hunger suppressors and distractors that will help you succeed in your fasting protocol.

You can read more about utilising these tools in your arsenal in your weight loss efforts.

6) When thy fast, ye calls for the aid of hormonal angels to keep ye from getting cursed by demonic fat.

I cannot stress the importance of fasting as a blood sugar regulator and fat mobiliser. During our fasted state our bodies go through these metabolic processes:

  • Regulates blood sugar by opening 2 pathways – gluconeogenesis and glycogenolysis which convert fatty acids back to glucose so the body can reuse it.
  • Lower insulin levels by releasing human growth hormone, cortisol and melatonin (during sleep, a fasted state occurs in sleep too).
  • The cortisol (glucocorticoids)[4] released works with the body’s immune system to lower inflammation. This hormone secretion is also present during exercise.

These facts are not mentioned by popular health media channels and instead, try to be creative in introducing new food and drinks that will deter your fat loss efforts.

Take this clip as an example:

Nothing wrong with bone broth but during your fast that is not what you should be drinking. However, those who are not knowledgeable about fasting will not understand what “breakfast” is (breaking fast) and associate it with food.

Beginners will likely chug down that bone broth drink before 11 a.m. damaging their fat loss efforts. Anyone following this programme wouldn’t even see their fat loss miracle in 10 days which is a lie in the first place.

Again the timing for the 16/8 fast is wrong too. The feeding time needs to be from 11 am – 7 pm. You will only be in a fasted state after 8 – 12 hours from your last meal. The extra 4 hours give ample time for your body to regulate your blood sugar and use your fatty acids for your daily metabolic rate and movements.

Until now Dr.Oz(Tossed) did not clearly explain the real reason why you should fast. He uses trendy words like cardiovascular improvement and body hacks. There are even his videos from 2 years ago that mention “eating at night is a bad move for you because humans are insulin resistant at night. The body tends to store fat from food”.

Absolute nonsense. Your body will store fat whenever you’re eating no matter the time, day or night. I eat during the night yet I still lose fat. I lose fat by increasing my energy expenditure.

You are always insulin resistant if you keep craving high-carb foods and have a bulging belly. This won’t change until you cure your addiction and get the bulge down.

Cardiovascular will improve because of cortisol released during fasting and exercise.

Do yourself a favour and stop watching these hourly programmes on TV that give bad advice. Your time is better spent in the gym or gaining knowledge about fat loss and nutrition from health blogs than watching this nonsense.

5) Thou shall move as much as possible and perform compound exercises on a weekly basis, more is better.

Yes, you really have to move to activate those catecholamines and steroids to burn fat and for hormonal balance. There is no other way around it. This is our very nature as humans.

Sitting down on the chair/couch the whole day will promote leg clots/deep vein thrombosis. Take short 5-minute breaks on an hourly basis by moving about during work hours.

Get those compound exercises done during your gym session for more fat-burning!

4) Thou shall not crash diet, it is a sin.

A crash diet doesn’t work as you do not give your body a chance to adapt to your new lifestyle.

The word diet comes from the Greek word diaeta which means “way of living” hence the food you eat and the daily activities you do should be your lifestyle.

Changing your lifestyle so you can fit your wedding dress or look good during summer/social events in a few days, weeks or a month is a recipe for failure. You will find yourself regaining your weight and waistline.

What you’re doing is lying to yourself by setting unrealistic expectations for your fitness goals.

What happens if you’re unable to achieve them? You will falter and you will give up getting active and saying to yourself why bother?

Understand that transitioning from your current lifestyle to the next can be quite stressful when done wrong.

3) Thy may look up to others but not compare thyself, it is a sin.

I see this many times from beginners when they get to the gym. Looking dazed at those toned and muscular bodies lifting impressive weights, wondering if they will ever get there.

Don’t. It is demoralising. The focus should be on yourself.

You may look up to those with the physique and ask for suggestions on what they did to achieve it but no way you should compare yourself to them.

We are all different, our builds are different, our lifestyles are different and the pace at which we achieve our fitness success is different.

2) Thou shall strive to improve thyself in possible ways on knowledge, nutrition and exercise throughout your fitness journey.

In the beginning, you might give this a burl and in the first few months, you may experience significant weight loss. But, down the line, you may find that all the efforts you put in are for naught.

This is not the time to pack it in. What your body is telling you is that you have already advanced to the next stage. You need to get more knowledge, adjust your nutritional needs and increase your exercise efforts on intensity and form.

Fat loss is non-linear even though most think it is so. Given the theory of thermodynamics. This debunks the myth that a calorie is a calorie. 🧐

1) Find your motivator, be consistent and do not give up.

The most important key to fat loss is motivation and consistency.

Get into yourself alone and stare in the mirror. Ask yourself the true reason why are you doing this. What keeps you going?

You can use the points below as examples:

  • I need to have more energy and move with grace.
  • I need to be free from medical prescriptions and lethargy.
  • I need to cure myself of my diabetic condition.
  • I need to live up to a ripe old age and see my children/grandchildren grow up.
  • I need to not fall sick again and end up in the hospital.
  • I need to set an example for the community.

Once you are able to connect that strong belief to your true motivation. You will be able to create that forward momentum. From it, your consistency will follow.

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